Home removal horrors: be prepared!

When it comes to home removal, there are always horror stories of all the things that went wrong on moving day. It’s best not to expect everything to go 100% smoothly. Even the little things that are bound to happen will happen. It will help to be as organised as you can to avoid the big moving disasters such as broken belongings, driving to your new house in rush hour or over-loading your car the night before, only to find yourself driving off in a shower of sparks next morning as your exhaust drags on the ground.

The Unavoidable

Some things are just unavoidable, like squashed fingers, bruised shins or blue toes. Carrying heavy, large or tall objects makes it tricky to see where you’re walking so there may be a number of stubbed toes or bumps on the head from walking into a wall. The only cure for this is to swear violently and carry on.

Be extra careful when you’ve packed your vehicle to make sure all doors are completely shut. You don’t want to cause any accidents when a trail of your belongings ends up on the road.

One of the things that you just cannot avoid is the weather. If it’s raining and your vehicle leaves your belongings exposed, be prepared to cover everything with black plastic bags or anything that can absorb the water and protect your things from damage.

When things don’t fit

The worst thing to happen on moving day is when furniture doesn’t fit through doorways. You can prepare yourself by measuring the items and the doorways. You don’t want furniture to get stuck half way through a door or up a flight of stairs. Hiring professional removers will help ease all this stress as long as they know the layout of the house and the correct measurements of your most bulky or problematic objects.

Take special note of favourite belongings

When you’re moving to another house, it’s so easy to lose stuff. Be sure to allocate specific boxes for valuable possessions and label those boxes clearly.

If you have pets, try not forget to take them to the new house, or you’ll be taking more trips to and from your old house than you want! Believe me, it happens! When you’re moving you don’t want to do unnecessary trips that will just add to your anxiety.

A special word of advice about disconnecting appliances!

If you are not a handyman get a moving professional or a technician to disconnect your washing machine and dishwasher. We’ve seen too many people flooding their homes on moving day and spending most of the day mopping up.

When it comes to planning your move always have a Plan B in case things just don’t go your way. Alternatively, call us at Maxi and Mini Movers and get a quote from us today!