Moving home or office? Be more efficient with your packing

If you are moving home or office, you may be thinking of doing the packing yourself to save costs. Many of our customers do the packing themselves very successfully, especially for a short-distance move. Being organised and efficient with your packing can save you valuable time and reduce the stress of the move. Here are some suggestions for how you can make the move easier for yourself.

Label everything

Make sure to label everything with your name, room the box’s contents go in and what’s inside.
Use coloured packing tape. This can help you keep track of which boxes belong in which rooms and if the contents are fragile.
Numbering the boxes can also help. If, when you’re at your new home and a number is missing you’ll know which box to look for.
Compile a list of the box numbers and the content of each box.

Protect fragile items

Try to wrap breakables in cloth you already own, like sheets and towels. This will save you crucial packing space.
While bubble wrap is the most popular wrapping material, newspaper is another effective way of packing fragile items and is usually less expensive.
When packing your plates try stack them on top of each other, each wrapped in newspaper. Plates are then less likely to break.

Moving furniture and electronics

Items of furniture are likely to be some of the heaviest things to move. Where possible, take furniture apart prior to moving.
Using individual plastic bags for your cords and cables are a good way of keeping track of what cords go where. Label each of them before placing them in the bags.
Take photos of the way electronics are plugged in before you take them apart. It’s easier to put back together with a photo to work from.

Use what you have

Make sure to use all your personal luggage such as suitcases, duffel bags, laundry baskets or large containers. This will reduce cost and minimise trash.
Heavy duty trash bags can be used to pack hanging clothes. Tie the hangers together with a string and stuff the clothes in the bag.

Note: However for long-distance moves where items are subjected to greater risk of damage, we recommend that you use sturdy packing boxes for all your possessions, such as those supplied by furniture removal companies.

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