Moving Tips and Tricks

  1. Wrap glass & crockery items in old newspapers
  2. Stack plates straight up.
  3. Pack boxes tightly and add cushioning between items if necessary.
  4. Remember to mark boxes with fragile items with a clear “FRAGILE”.
  5. Do not pack fragile items at the top or bottom of the box.
  6. Make sure your boxes are sturdy and properly sealed. Especially underneath.
  7. Mark all boxes clearly. A good way of doing this is by marking them according to the room they belong in. To make it even easier, colour code your boxes e.g. red stickers for kitchen, blue for lounge etc.
  8. Make an inventory of your boxes and things that will be moved. Keep this with you on the day of the move.
  9. Have your “first night in the new home kit” clearly marked. Pack just enough glasses,plates, mugs, kettle etc in here so you don’t have to search for the basics when you get there.
  10. Make sure you have your important documents e.g. ID’s and passports with you. Do not pack these in boxes.
  11. Remember that firearms, illegal and flammable goods are not allowed to be transported.