Moving your home or office can be a daunting task. We have a checklist just for you

Before you move your home or office.

Moving home or office is a major undertaking and can be very stressful, so we have compiled some lists for you to help you make your move stress free.

Take a note of the timelines below, follow our advice and you will have a safe, pleasant move.

6 to 8 weeks before the move

  • Start cleaning out your cupboards. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of the clutter that you don’t really need.
  • Are you relocating due to your company? Find out what costs your employer will cover.
  • Get the kids to start clearing out some of their old and unwanted toys.

4 to 6 weeks before the move

  • Start drawing up your lists. Make a list of all your main possessions.
  • Once you have this list, you can decide which items you will be moving to your new house, which items you don’t want to keep, and which items you might want to place in storage.
  • Important: Check if your insurance company will cover the move. We provide 3rd party insurance.
  • If you have not yet found a new school for your kids, now is a good time to get this sorted.
  • If you are moving abroad, it is also a good time to talk to your doctor about a prescription for chronic medication. You should make sure to have a few months’ supply to give you time to settle in on the other side without having to worry about this.

4 weeks before the move

  • Time to decide if you are going to do all the packing yourself, or if you want us to do it for you.
  • If you are packing yourself, you should start getting boxes and packing materials. We also give advice on this and also supply these materials and boxes. Start packing.You don’t want to do it at the last minute.
  • Book house cleaning services e.g. carpet cleaning.
  • If you have delivery services e.g. newspaper deliveries, you should give notice. If you have a mailbox at the post office,make sure you move this to a local post office at your new home if there is no street delivery.
  • Think about what you will need on the day you move and put a little kit together (you still have to drink water and eat!)

The day before the move

  • Do you have the keys to your new home? Do you know where to collect them?
  • If you made arrangements for the kids to stay over at friends or family during the move, make sure you have their bags packed with the necessary items. If they are “helping” you with the move and they are still little, make sure you have toys to keep them busy while everything else is being packed.

The day of the move

  • Strip your beds. Keep linen in a box which you keep with you. The first thing you do at the new home is to make the beds. You will be tired after the day and it will be nice to think you can just fall on your bed and sleep at the end of it.
  • Make sure all your important documents e.g. passports are in a safe place. Same goes for jewellery.
  • Record all your meter readings e.g. water.
  • Make sure to switch of electricity and gas when you leave.
  • After we have packed and loaded you will be asked to sign an inventory. Check this carefully, and also check everything upon arrival.
  • Make sure someone is at the new house when our removal trucks get there. Direct them to where boxes and furniture should be taken.
  • Make sure we have your cell number and an emergency number, and the correct address.
  • Unpack your little kit so have plates and glasses ready and you don’t have to start scratching around for these.
  • If the kids are with you,get them to start organizing their own rooms. Younger kids should be settled into a room with toys and treats to keep them busy.
  • Start unpacking and enjoy your new home!