Tips for safely moving your piano

Need to move a piano? Now, you may think you are able to handle moving your piano with the help of friends. However pianos are much heavier than you realize. Picking up the piano while stationary is much more difficult than moving it a few feet and can be dangerous if not moved properly. We don’t want you to worry about your piano getting damaged on the move, so here are a few tips to help you prepare your piano before our expert piano movers take over.

Plan your route: Establish a clear route from your current house to your new home. This route should have as few road hazards as possible (potholes, broken robots etc.) Make sure movers know the exact route you have chosen.

Clear all entrances: At both current and new houses make sure all doorways are clear and wide enough for the piano to fit through easily with plenty of room for the movers to manoeuvre it into place. It is also important to note any loose stairs, floorboards or paving.

Essential piano moving equipment:

  • Work gloves – avoid slippery hands
  • Heavy-duty dolly – will preserve tuning and avoid damaging the piano and the house
  • Plastic covers – wrap piano in pad moving blankets to prevent the piano from being scuffed
  • Piano board – can ease big loads down stairs with minimum turbulence.

When moving your piano:

  1. The piano should always be moved endways and not sideways, this can also be beneficial for maneuvering around tight stairwells or anywhere where there is limited turning space.
  2. A person should be positioned on each end of the piano for an upright piano and at least three persons around a grand piano, one at each leg. Let no one other than your assigned movers touch the piano.
  3. Do not strain the legs of the piano when you move it on carpeting or over a threshold. Spinets and console pianos for example have thin front legs that can break off easily if caught. Tip the piano back very slightly as you roll it to avoid damage.
  4. Take your time. Move the piano only a few inches at a time. Make sure that the piano won’t tip over by being pushed over any obstacle too fast.

Insurance coverage: As with any moving company, remember to ask prospective piano movers about their insurance coverage. In most cases, the amount of insurance they carry will be more than enough to cover your instrument.

The most important thing about a reliable furniture removal company is that your items, whether for household or office, need to be moved with both care and efficiency at the best price. So do yourself a favour, and contact Mini and Maxi Movers for a quote to move your piano.